Transaction Focus

Aequus is an accomplished firm serving diverse clients across a wide range of industries. From sell-side advisory work to tailored placement of senior debt, we employ a comprehensive, global perspective.

We provide uncommon access to domestic and international counterparties often inaccessible by smaller clients, driving realization of maximum transaction values.

Target Clients

We serve the investment banking needs of smaller middle-market clients generally within 200 miles of Indianapolis. Most of the companies we work with fit the following description:

  • EBITDA typically in the $1-3 million range
  • Mature businesses in established industries
  • Owned by individual entrepreneurs or families
  • Candidates for strategic or institutional buyers


We have a distinct competitive advantage over other investment banks serving smaller clients in the lower middle market. Our strong affiliation with Periculum Capital, an Aequus founding partner, expands our expertise across a host of industries and provides a wealth of resources that drives our professional, differentiated approach.

Aequus clients gain access to essential local market intelligence and industry expertise delivered with unparalleled global reach. We ascertain the unrealized value of each client business and successfully articulate, negotiate, and structure that value with prospective domestic and international buyers.


We maintain a regular dialogue with a number of smaller middle market private equity firms and emerging family offices, allowing us to understand each firm’s investment interests, current portfolio, and transaction history. This effort is augmented by strategic relationships with a host of senior lenders and commercial banking professionals, providing our clients with insights regarding prevailing financing levels and deal structures.


We work with companies across a variety of industries, quickly learning the intricacies and nuances associated with each client’s business. We leverage this experience in each transaction, allowing us to provide our clients with timely insight into a variety of markets.