Mergers & Acquisitions

Sell-side representation is the core of our investment banking practice. Aequus drives maximum value transactions using superior process execution traditionally found only in larger firms.

With discretion as a top priority, we run a formal sales process providing a differentiated experience for smaller clients. We deliver compelling results across all types of deal structures in a wide variety of industries.

Transaction Valuation

We value each client company, within the context of precedent industry transactions, to determine the expected price range for the business. Conducted prior to other efforts, this thorough analysis ensures that client expectations and achievable outcomes are in solid alignment. Considerations include the examination of potential synergies, available goodwill, market forecasts, and projected earnings.

Information Memorandum and Management Presentation

We perform an in-depth analysis to ensure that the client company is presented in the most compelling manner possible. We create, in close conjunction with the client, a detailed information memorandum to provide suitors with key considerations regarding the business. Aequus also develops a comprehensive management presentation, while assisting the client with preparations for the prospective buyer meetings. Extensive due diligence information is organized in a virtual data room for review by selected potential buyers.

Potential Buyer Identification and Evaluation

We conduct extensive research to identify, evaluate, and qualify potential buyers. Aequus works closely with clients to determine approved potential buyers ranging from private equity firms and strategic acquirers to independent sponsors and family offices. While our clients are often from the Midwest, we exhaustively market to potential buyers throughout the United States and internationally.

Sale Methodology

We evaluate and determine the best method to sell a client’s business. Aequus strongly believes in approaching a large number of potential buyers to create a highly competitive environment, thereby maximizing the sale price and obtaining the best transaction terms. While transaction pricing is a paramount component of value, many other considerations can distinguish one offer from the next. Aequus navigates these considerations and delivers maximum value for its clients.


Working closely with the client to choose the most suitable buyer, we negotiate the full spectrum of transaction parameters. Our efforts complement those of the client’s lawyers, accountants, other advisors in the preparation of the non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, purchase agreements, and employment agreements throughout the sales process. Aequus coordinates discussions and meetings, leading negotiations and directing communication between its clients, potential suitors, and their respective advisors.