Client Benefits

Aequus provides extraordinary transaction experience offering unique benefits to smaller clients demanding a full scope of professional M&A and advisory services.

We offer access to a broad range of institutional buyers, strategic acquirers, and qualified independent sponsors – prioritizing sensitivity to confidentiality issues.


Our investment banking philosophy is unique from other models. Aequus was founded to bring smaller clients the high-level of professional service normally reserved for larger middle market companies. A certain expertise, approach, and network is required to be successful in this area of the lower middle market. Our exclusive focus on this underserved niche is driven by relationships with a wide range of institutional and strategic buyers, as well as with a diverse set of commercial lenders.

Aequus focuses on long-term relationships and approaches each assignment based on a client’s individual needs. We often invest a significant amount of time and resources working with a client prior to the execution of any transaction, performing a variety of non-transaction related services.


With today’s economy becoming increasingly global, the level of cross-border M&A activity has dramatically increased in recent years. To maximize the strategic options for our clients, we leverage international M&A experience with a broad cross-border reach. Our overarching goal is to identify ideal transaction counterparties regardless of the locale.


A great result means something different on every assignment. Whether realizing maximum transaction value, minimizing distraction to our client, or structuring a deal friendly to the client’s existing employees, we employ a customized approach tailored to each client.

Prior to accepting a client engagement, we perform the diligence necessary to make an informed decision regarding the viability of the prospective engagement. These efforts include preparing a customized deal comparison report and a transaction valuation analysis, supporting what the client can expect from the market in terms of value, structure, and buyer interest.


Integrity is the core foundation of our innovative practice. We steadfastly lead each engagement throughout unexpected challenges such as a downturn in business results, a buyer pulling out of the process, or an unforeseen legal dispute. We remain up-front regarding the risks as well as the rewards of each process decision. If circumstances change, or a contemplated transaction encounters unanticipated risks, we work with the client to develop a detailed mitigation plan.